Frequently Asked Questions


What is CredentialMate?

CredentialMate is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that eliminates the busy work of managing credentials for mariners and training providers.

For Mariners, CredentialMate offers a free profile to upload credentials and set expiration reminders and book renewal courses.

For Training Providers, CredentialMate offers to connect with Mariners and provides a cloud-based online booking, scheduling and marketing software.

What should I do if I did not receive an email confirmation?

No problem! Two things might have happened! Check your Spam or Junk email folders. If you still cannot locate the email, you may have entered an incorrect or incomplete email address, and we recommend contacting us at: admin@credentialmate.com.

Will there be a CredentialMate app?

Yes! We do not have a release date but it is a top priority in our product roadmap.

How secure is CredentialMate?

CredentialMate is hosted on Microsoft Azure which is trusted and utilised by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies due to its platform security and reliability to scale.

I have feedback and suggestions. Who should I contact?

We would love to hear you thoughts and ideas! Please send your questions, comments and feedback to admin@credentialmate.com. While we read all suggestions, please note that depending on the nature of your inquiry it may take some time to get back to you with an appropriate answer.

Where can I find the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is in the footer at the bottom left of every page of the CredentialMate website.

I do not understand how to use the platform. Can someone help me?

Absolutely! We would be happy to help! Please contact us at admin@credentialmate.com if are having trouble navigating the platform and any of the features. If you would prefer to schedule a group tutorial for your organization, please send us dates and times that work and expected number of participants.

If CredentialMate is free for mariners, how does it make money?

Training Providers pay a referral fee to CredentialMate when a Mariner books their renewal course. This way, CredentialMate remains free of charge to the Mariner.

Why should I fill out my CredentialMate profile completely as possible?

The more you fill out your CredentialMate profile, the more quality information and search results CredentialMate will be able to offer you on your renewal courses or preferred training providers.

What file formats does CredentialMate support?

File formats that are supported in CredentialMate are PDF, JPEG and Word.

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