Connect with Mariners and share your training portfolio

  • Upload your course catalog and training schedule
  • Your school’s courses will be added to the CredentialMate course search engine
  • Use online booking to connect with Mariners who need training

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Connect with more Mariners
and fill more course seats

All features designed for training providers are intended to bring more students to your school. Create a profile on CredentialMate to tell Mariners who you are and what you offer.

1. Create a Profile

Upload your school's logo, website, and contact information so Mariner's can connect with you.

2. Upload Course Information

Upload your course catalog and schedule so Mariners know what you offer and when.

3. Add Online Booking

Automatically match your courses to Mariners via their expiration reminders and allow them to book your courses.


Build a strong profile and showcase your training portfolio to more Mariners

The training provider platform was designed by other maritime schools in order to increase student enrollment. Take advantage of all the features to optimize booking potential.

Be more accessible to Mariners

Fill in all of the information fields to ensure Mariners can find you. You also have the opportunity to add your school's history and why the school was founded.

Manage course catalog and schedule

When you upload your course information you can invite staff members, set reminders for your accreditation certificates, and manage online booking in one place.

Make your courses bookable

When you enable online booking, your courses will be automatically matched to mariners that receive expiration reminders for credentials that require training. We handle the entire booking process including payments and refunds.


The Maritime Training Providers paving the way with CredentialMate

Each Training Provider on CredentialMate contributes feedback that translates to the design and function we include on the platform tailored for schools. They are changing how things are done one course at a time.

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